Tuesday, 10 November 2015


This year room 17 did lots of cool things like production /turbo touch/st Francis challenge and more.

This is the best year ever.The BEST thing room 17 and 18 did is going to Taurikura beach camp . First room 17 and 18 did is climb mt Manaia . After we played a game where you had to find letters.
The second best thing was the rugby league tournament at Kamo high school . Whangarei primary's team was versing teams from all over whangarei. It was so fun. Then room 17 made posters for the school gala and food fair, the posters were all over town they looked cool. The last thing is electronics. Rm 17 powered up fans lights bells and more.

I think being a senior is the BEST

By Harlen

Room 17 2015

ROOM 17 2015

 Room 17  this year have done a lot of things, like building a trench for Anzac day and using stretcher bearers. At camp Room 17 and 18 climbed Mt. Manaia. At camp, Room 17 and 18 went kayaking and snorkelling at the marine reserve.  Room 17 also did a cool unit on electricity. Room 17 made broken fans work, DVD players and other interesting things.

This year our class also did Gala posters to promote/advertise our Gala and food Fair. Room 17 also made King Kai Hangi posters.  The senior syndicate have special jobs. In room 17 some people do Sports shed monitor, Library monitor and all sorts of other jobs. This year the senior syndicate took part in the Saint Francis challenge!Where you play all sorts of sports. Whoever gets the most points wins. Last year we won but unfortunately this year we lost.

This year was awesome in Room 17 and each year the class will become better.
-James Corker

Room 17's awesome year

At the beginning of the year Room 17 went to camp Taurikura. The camp went for 4 days. Room 17 and 18 went diving, kayaking, swimming, played spotlight, stargazing, quizzes, team building activities and hiking. They were all amazing and fun. The classes hiked up mount Manaia and they saw many amazing views. The views included farms, beaches and homes.

Later on in the year Room 17 had to do research homework on sea animals. Many people did crayfish, kina, fish and others. People did it on posters or USB's.

A few weeks after that the school had a triathlon. In the year 5 girls race Charlotte came 1st, Jade came 2nd and Tiana came 3rd. The pool was very refreshing. The year 5 girls had to do 2 lengths in the pool, 4 laps on the bike and 2 laps running.

Another fun activity is the Choir. In the choir you can sing and dance. You sing in rest homes, Christmas in the park, at assemblies and in front of the school. You can learn songs like Uptown funk,  I see fire and many others. People learn to harmonise and the teachers use the piano for our warm ups. It's really fun.

You could have a job like library monitors, Jumpjam leaders and peer mediators. You need to make a CV to show Mr Hensen which job you want. Room 17 plays games like T-ball, line tiggy, silent ball and ball skills. Room 17 is one of the best classes in the school.

By Jade 
Room 17

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Gala at WPS

On the 30th of October Whangarei primary school had a gala and food fair they raised $12231.78 profit.

At the gala there was lots and lots of  yummy foods and some awesome attractions. There was lots of prizes to be won. Some of the rides and attractions were, the haunted house,teacher torture, paint ball and more.some of the foods they had were hot chips and hot dogs there was also sushi some Indian South African healthy kebabs Mexican baking and a whole lot more. There were raffles which came in buckets. The raffles were boxed food canned food and dried. Some stalls and attractions were run by class rooms for example room 17 ran the Hangi's. Room 18 made fence post furniture to sell and the students of room 11 ran the haunted house. They also made the world record of jump jam with 318 people

It was a very successful evening

School gala

On Friday the 30th of October Whangarei primary school had a gala. The gala started from 3:30 through till 7:30pm. There were many attractions like the Teacher Torture. It was super funny seeing the teachers get saturated. Another great attraction was the Haunted House. It was very scary because at the end there was a freaky video. The other attractions include ambulance rides, money golf, paintball, pony rides and more.

There was some delicious food at the gala like Hangi's, Hot dogs, Hot chips and Mussel fritters. The Hangi's were very YUM! The sweets were tasty as well. There was candy floss, baking, snow cones and many other yummy sweets. There was also food from different countries like Indian, South African, Aisan, Maori, Chinese, Mexican and America. There were also drinks like fizzy, slushies and water.

WPS had a Talent quest and the overall winner was Kanishka but there were many other brave people who participated. The Kapa Haka had a performance. They did 2 songs and the Haka. Whangarei primary school got the world record for Jumpjam. There were over 300 people doing Jumpjam. The school had raffles. There were buckets of food and many people won raffles.

The weather was bad but people stayed to enjoy the gala. WPS raised $12,231.78. Whangarei primary is going to use the money to buy new computers.

By Jade

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Evil Doctor Ruffens

It was quiet too quiet that could only mean one thing... Everybody was frozen in time except for Charlotte and Jade. Doctor Ruffens had been here with his time attack gun.

Everyone was still all you could hear was Charlotte and Jade sniffing, they had just walked in the door and everyone was still. They knew who had done it , at the same time they both said "The Evil Doctor Ruffens" They both knew what they had to do.

Charlotte and Jade were waiting outside Doctor Ruffens office with a mad face. Doctor Ruffens opened the door and said "come in little girls" with a evil grin on his face. He had a yellow goaty, brown dread locks and pointy nose.

His office had pictures of him with a weird looking pet and it smelt like something died.Doctor Ruffens had gone into a door which said do not enter. Charlotte and Jade sneaked through the door without him knowing.

Charlotte and Jade's mouth's were open wide and dribble was coming out, it was Doctor Ruffens evil lab. It was filled with different kind of poison and guns. Then they found the guns, the time attack guns. Charlotte sneaked around to get the gun.

Doctor Ruffens was walking up a set of stairs When Charlotte tripped up and Doctor Ruffens yelled out minions assemble, Charlotte and Jade were freaking out they were pointing the gun at Doctor Ruffens, Charlotte said "if you move I will shoot" Doctor Ruffens bent down to jump when BANG doctor Ruffens was frozen in the air. Charlotte and Jade hurried out and unfroze everybody else.

By Murphy Phillips

The evil clown Mr Kittybooboo

It was quiet.. To quiet that could only mean that...the roller coaster had stopped working.there was no screaming at all. The only thing that you could hear was Te Awanui,Mya and Murphy breathing heavily.

As we looked down we could see clowns looking up at us smiling and laughing. It turned out that we had been tricked because all of the normal people on our roller coaster had turned into gigantic cyclops.

One of the cyclops grabbed all of us by our t-shirts and jumped down to the ground with a massive THUD. The cyclops took us to their master who was a mean looking clown with black make up around his eyes, one big red nose, a red Afro and a weird looking onesie. 

He came close up to us and whispered " do you know who I am ". We replied ' No ' . He said my name is Mr Kittybooboo with a wicked, terrifying laugh which made the hairs on the back of my neck stand to attention. Murphy stood there laughing and saying Mr Kittybooboo how scary,
 Te Awanui just stood there taking selfies and Mya looked at Mr Kittybooboo weirdly . As we heard police making their way to us  Mr Kittybooboo and his army of cyclops escaped with a blink of  an eye. 

By: Mya