Wednesday, 24 September 2014

loudest class room

It was hard to start the day when everyone is so noisy.          

Room 20 was playing kiwi quiz. Mr Hensen was working in his office, he  took 10,000 points  off  each group. He came out  and said "get your draft writing book out then write  up till Jumpjam time."

All of  the  seniors went  to the chapel next to the school  where they were dancing. There were 6 classes dancing and the miharo kapa haka group. 

The seniors were walking back to class I ran as fast as I  could. I was the first back to class then Room 20 and Room 19  had to do  maths. It was  so, so, so easy as can be for me and James.

                                   by Cruize

Hard to Cope.

It's hard to start the day when everyone is so noisy...

Everyone was so noisy, just to me honest. We have a HUGE day ahead, Teacher read, prep for dance, Jumpjam, then Dance assembly. Trinity doesn't know how shes gonna cope with that.

Later on that day it was Jumpjam, Jumpjam is so much fun, only Trinity wishes she could go back to the past to tell everyone what would happen, only its impossible.

Then it was the dance assembly all the boy's and girl's were nervous. Trinity looked to the past in her mind and thought  "Mr Hensen is gonna lose his voice some day".  

In the past when we did kiwi quiz Mr Hensen came out and did his biggest growl MEOW! Then he did his biggest growl I'M TRYING TO DO MY WORK. Mr Hensen went Crazy! he kept saying Nah Nah Nah.

Mr Hensen ran outside really creepy. Trinity stopped imagining and finally it was our dance it was really good, in fact it was the best.
oom 20 watched all the other classes, Trinity and Kilita thought that Room 23 were the best, funny and LOUD! After that they walked back to school all happy. 

We walked into the class R&R's only from this morning because of the growl, we all looked on the board it said "WARNING" R&R'S after lunch.

OH NO wait!? The bell to go home rang, yeah no R&R's

By: Trinity Room: 20.

The noisiest class in the world.

8:59, 9:00 then the bell rang at Whangarei Primary School.  All the kids ran into class then sat at their desks, but everyone kept making heaps of noise. Suddenly Mr Hensen entered the room but the class still didn't go quiet. Mr Hensen yelled "Be quiet!"  Then everyone stopped except for Teawanui and Nia. They were playing monopoly and they were making heaps of noise.  They started yelling at each other and they started saying "you're cheating". After a while Teawanui and Nia stopped playing monopoly and sat at their desk. Mr Hensen and the whole class started playing Kiwi Quiz. Mr Hensen went into his office and left them with Charmaine-the other teacher that helps them.  After Mr Hensen went into his office the class started making heaps of noise again.  Mr Hensen stomped out of his office and yelled "It's hard to start the day when everyone is so noisy".

 His face went as red as a rose and everyone got scared except for Teawanui and Nia. They were sitting there laughing and being silly.  Mr Hensen sent them to a different class but they were too naughty to go to a different class so they got sent to the principal's office. He asked them why they were there. But they just started burping and being rude.  He sent them out of his office with a warning.  The bell went for morning tea and everyone raced out of the class. 45 minutes went for play time and the bell rang again.  Everyone went into class, sat at their desks but they didn't make heaps of noise.  It was so quiet that when Mr Hensen walked in you couldn't hear anything except for the clock ticking.

 Mr Hensen was proud of the class even Teawanui and Nia because they weren't so loud.  Normally they'd be playing monopoly and yelling at each other.  Mr Hensen stopped being a teacher because he was moving to Australia.  He was sad but he had to move on and carry on with his life.

By: Mya room 20   

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St Francis Challenge 2014 Created by Lana

St Francis Challenge on PhotoPeach

St Francis Hockey Poem By James

Hockey we were competing against St Francis School. St Francis School starts with the ball, we were in a tackle!!
I get the ball I'm dribbling up the field. I hit the ball  and score a goal. St Francis school are dribbling up
the field. They SHOOT!!! Its No GOAL!!!. They try but the're unable to get it in. 
The Whistle goes its 1 NIL!!! 
Hooray Whangarei Primary School 
By James Corker

Lana's awesome poem

                                             Wicked W.P.S

W.P.S is the best school ever,
Here at W.P.S we're always happy,
Awesome sausage sizzles,
Never put someone down,
Giving people a hand,
Awesome teachers,
Effort and courage is what drives us to go on,
If it is to be, it is up to me!

Poetry competition,
Running the Fun Run, 
I love it here at W.P.S,
Meeting different unique people,
Awesome community here,
Role models for juniors,
Year six pool party!!

Surfing trip at the end of the year,
Cross country in term 3
Happy teacher happy kids,
Our amazing classrooms,
October's the time for Artoberfest!
Love W.P.S!

By Lana Rm 20

Miharo Ruma Rua Tekau

Respectful children in our class.

Unique ideas from all of us.

Memories are made here.

Amazing pieces of art we do.

Reliable people in our class.

Unique pieces of art from us.

All of us are part of a team.

Tall and short people get treated the same. 

Every body gets treated the same.

Kind and caring kids in our class.

A room which is like a family.

Unique wonderful cheerful kids.

By  Murphy

Kanjanar's Poem


Kicking the ball,feeling so cold,

scoring some goals.Cheering for others,

supporting the team.Having a great

game and the best thing of all

winning the shield.

By Kanjanar

Miharo Ruma Rua Tekau

Respect everyone in the classroom
Unique and wonderful pieces of art 
Marvelous kids and teachers
A bunch of smart kids!

Unique ideas come from everyone
Amazing teachers

Take care of everyone
Everyone loves it here
Kids have a lot of respect
A class full of amazing kids and teachers
Unique wonderful happy kids
By Mya 

Leona's Poem

                       W.P.S, Love It Here

We give everything a go!!
Here at W.P.S we look after each other
Awesome and lovely teachers
Never put people down at W.P.S
Great learning experiences
Athletics every day 
Running to get our fitness up 

Enjoying life as a kid
I love learning here at W.P.S

People joining in  at lunchtime sports 
Responsibilities for everyone
If It Is To Be,It Is Up To Me!!
Meeting new teachers 
Amazing activities around the school 
Respecting others around us
Years of exciting learning
By Leona Room 20

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

It was a great day and everyone played really well. A big thanks to all the parents who supported us. Also a big thanks to St. Francis for yet again hosting a great sporting competition.