Thursday, 6 November 2014

My best day at school by Murphy

The best day at school

My favourite day at school was when I made it to Dargaville for running in the Northland Champs. This meant I had to run against kids from all over Northland.
I was waiting at the start line and I was really nervous.The starting clapper went and I ran, my heart was beating so fast. My legs were getting stuck in the mud. Now it was a sprint to the finish,I gave it my all to the end. I was waiting in line to see where I had come then the lady told me I had came 9th.On the way back to school my  Dad and Mum were so proud of me and so was I.

By Murphy Phillips

My best day at school by Jayden

My best day at school

My best day at school was getting into the world's best
class. Plus meeting my teacher and going to camp. 
We learnt how to make hinaki's which we used to catch eels and koura. 
We also learnt about NZ culture and 
how to make huts called bivouacs with
Silver fern branches and sticks.

by Jayden :)

Mr Hensen's the best teacher ever

My best day at school was when I met my teacher Mr Hensen he is really loud , he talks too much and he is the sports teacher so we get to manage the sports shed and issue the gear .
Mr Hensen and Ms Boaz are the best teachers ever .

By Nia Williams Room 20

Best class ever

My best day at school was when I first came into Room 20 and made new besties Felicity and Te Awanui and meeting my teacher Mr Hensen. When I met Mr Hensen I thought he was scary but he's not, he's awesome we do fun activities like funky fun Friday and team building. I like organizing stuff like jump jam and other things. Sometime on funky fun Friday's we get to go out of the school with permission from our parents to see other people and what they do. On Wheels Day Room 20 get to set up the gear and we are ambassadors for our visitors. I'm happy to be in Room 20 because it's awesome and fun.

By Mya Room 20

My best day at school

AFL was my best day at school. I had never played it before and it was fun. Jamie was in my team and he is one of my best friends. Me and him were the biggest kickers. I never thought it would be so much FUN. We won our 
first game by default and the other games but we didn't make it to the finals., I could tell that we all had fun, so that my friend was my best day at school. 

By Gabriel

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

My best day's at school

My best day's at school were getting soloist and making all my friends and getting in all my classes.

At the Kid's for Kid's concert I was nervous and I achieved it and got a solo part to sing, When I got my first class I was excited yet scared, but I did have a good teacher ( Mrs Thorn ) Then ( Mrs Young ), ( Mrs I ) Then the one and only and only  MR HENSEN!, My First friend's were Alex & Portia I met them in my first ever class in junior's and those are my best days at school. Thank's.

P.S... Mr Hensen -- was and is the best!.

By: Trinity Nathan  Room: 20

my best day at school

My Best Day At School

My best day at school was last years Wheels Day because it was my first wheels day at W.P.S. I took my toy cars and it was fun and cool, it was my best day at school. Also Justin Rood came and did drifts on the field and the Redbull drift shifters signed my hat.

By Kerehi Room 20Wheels Day 2013

Logan's best day at school

My best day at school was when I first came to Room 20, my mum brought me into class. I was very happy as I knew that my next door neighbour Hugo was in my class and that Mr Hensen was our teacher. He was the first teacher I met when I walked into the school to start at Whangarei Primary. He was really nice to me and my mum, I'm so happy that I'm in Room 20. By Logan Rowsell.


My best days were my first days at Whangarei Primary School, as I came from Huia Range school this year. My first days were the best because I went to camp and I came first in river bombing. We hiked up Mt Horakaka and we had a disco. When we came back to school I got the first citizenship award for the year.

By Charles Maui Peita


My best day at school was  finding out I was in the best class in the school with the coolest teacher in the world. I like being in room 20 because it's the best class ever.                                                     BY KILITA   


My best day was finding out that was in the best class in the world and with the best teacher in the world and also going to everything is Kai Pai and being in the choir with Mr K.                                                                                                                     I love this school my class and Mr H he rocks!!!!!!                  BY HALEE