Tuesday, 10 November 2015


This year room 17 did lots of cool things like production /turbo touch/st Francis challenge and more.

This is the best year ever.The BEST thing room 17 and 18 did is going to Taurikura beach camp . First room 17 and 18 did is climb mt Manaia . After we played a game where you had to find letters.
The second best thing was the rugby league tournament at Kamo high school . Whangarei primary's team was versing teams from all over whangarei. It was so fun. Then room 17 made posters for the school gala and food fair, the posters were all over town they looked cool. The last thing is electronics. Rm 17 powered up fans lights bells and more.

I think being a senior is the BEST

By Harlen

Room 17 2015

ROOM 17 2015

 Room 17  this year have done a lot of things, like building a trench for Anzac day and using stretcher bearers. At camp Room 17 and 18 climbed Mt. Manaia. At camp, Room 17 and 18 went kayaking and snorkelling at the marine reserve.  Room 17 also did a cool unit on electricity. Room 17 made broken fans work, DVD players and other interesting things.

This year our class also did Gala posters to promote/advertise our Gala and food Fair. Room 17 also made King Kai Hangi posters.  The senior syndicate have special jobs. In room 17 some people do Sports shed monitor, Library monitor and all sorts of other jobs. This year the senior syndicate took part in the Saint Francis challenge!Where you play all sorts of sports. Whoever gets the most points wins. Last year we won but unfortunately this year we lost.

This year was awesome in Room 17 and each year the class will become better.
-James Corker

Room 17's awesome year

At the beginning of the year Room 17 went to camp Taurikura. The camp went for 4 days. Room 17 and 18 went diving, kayaking, swimming, played spotlight, stargazing, quizzes, team building activities and hiking. They were all amazing and fun. The classes hiked up mount Manaia and they saw many amazing views. The views included farms, beaches and homes.

Later on in the year Room 17 had to do research homework on sea animals. Many people did crayfish, kina, fish and others. People did it on posters or USB's.

A few weeks after that the school had a triathlon. In the year 5 girls race Charlotte came 1st, Jade came 2nd and Tiana came 3rd. The pool was very refreshing. The year 5 girls had to do 2 lengths in the pool, 4 laps on the bike and 2 laps running.

Another fun activity is the Choir. In the choir you can sing and dance. You sing in rest homes, Christmas in the park, at assemblies and in front of the school. You can learn songs like Uptown funk,  I see fire and many others. People learn to harmonise and the teachers use the piano for our warm ups. It's really fun.

You could have a job like library monitors, Jumpjam leaders and peer mediators. You need to make a CV to show Mr Hensen which job you want. Room 17 plays games like T-ball, line tiggy, silent ball and ball skills. Room 17 is one of the best classes in the school.

By Jade 
Room 17

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Gala at WPS

On the 30th of October Whangarei primary school had a gala and food fair they raised $12231.78 profit.

At the gala there was lots and lots of  yummy foods and some awesome attractions. There was lots of prizes to be won. Some of the rides and attractions were, the haunted house,teacher torture, paint ball and more.some of the foods they had were hot chips and hot dogs there was also sushi some Indian South African healthy kebabs Mexican baking and a whole lot more. There were raffles which came in buckets. The raffles were boxed food canned food and dried. Some stalls and attractions were run by class rooms for example room 17 ran the Hangi's. Room 18 made fence post furniture to sell and the students of room 11 ran the haunted house. They also made the world record of jump jam with 318 people

It was a very successful evening

School gala

On Friday the 30th of October Whangarei primary school had a gala. The gala started from 3:30 through till 7:30pm. There were many attractions like the Teacher Torture. It was super funny seeing the teachers get saturated. Another great attraction was the Haunted House. It was very scary because at the end there was a freaky video. The other attractions include ambulance rides, money golf, paintball, pony rides and more.

There was some delicious food at the gala like Hangi's, Hot dogs, Hot chips and Mussel fritters. The Hangi's were very YUM! The sweets were tasty as well. There was candy floss, baking, snow cones and many other yummy sweets. There was also food from different countries like Indian, South African, Aisan, Maori, Chinese, Mexican and America. There were also drinks like fizzy, slushies and water.

WPS had a Talent quest and the overall winner was Kanishka but there were many other brave people who participated. The Kapa Haka had a performance. They did 2 songs and the Haka. Whangarei primary school got the world record for Jumpjam. There were over 300 people doing Jumpjam. The school had raffles. There were buckets of food and many people won raffles.

The weather was bad but people stayed to enjoy the gala. WPS raised $12,231.78. Whangarei primary is going to use the money to buy new computers.

By Jade

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Evil Doctor Ruffens

It was quiet too quiet that could only mean one thing... Everybody was frozen in time except for Charlotte and Jade. Doctor Ruffens had been here with his time attack gun.

Everyone was still all you could hear was Charlotte and Jade sniffing, they had just walked in the door and everyone was still. They knew who had done it , at the same time they both said "The Evil Doctor Ruffens" They both knew what they had to do.

Charlotte and Jade were waiting outside Doctor Ruffens office with a mad face. Doctor Ruffens opened the door and said "come in little girls" with a evil grin on his face. He had a yellow goaty, brown dread locks and pointy nose.

His office had pictures of him with a weird looking pet and it smelt like something died.Doctor Ruffens had gone into a door which said do not enter. Charlotte and Jade sneaked through the door without him knowing.

Charlotte and Jade's mouth's were open wide and dribble was coming out, it was Doctor Ruffens evil lab. It was filled with different kind of poison and guns. Then they found the guns, the time attack guns. Charlotte sneaked around to get the gun.

Doctor Ruffens was walking up a set of stairs When Charlotte tripped up and Doctor Ruffens yelled out minions assemble, Charlotte and Jade were freaking out they were pointing the gun at Doctor Ruffens, Charlotte said "if you move I will shoot" Doctor Ruffens bent down to jump when BANG doctor Ruffens was frozen in the air. Charlotte and Jade hurried out and unfroze everybody else.

By Murphy Phillips

The evil clown Mr Kittybooboo

It was quiet.. To quiet that could only mean that...the roller coaster had stopped working.there was no screaming at all. The only thing that you could hear was Te Awanui,Mya and Murphy breathing heavily.

As we looked down we could see clowns looking up at us smiling and laughing. It turned out that we had been tricked because all of the normal people on our roller coaster had turned into gigantic cyclops.

One of the cyclops grabbed all of us by our t-shirts and jumped down to the ground with a massive THUD. The cyclops took us to their master who was a mean looking clown with black make up around his eyes, one big red nose, a red Afro and a weird looking onesie. 

He came close up to us and whispered " do you know who I am ". We replied ' No ' . He said my name is Mr Kittybooboo with a wicked, terrifying laugh which made the hairs on the back of my neck stand to attention. Murphy stood there laughing and saying Mr Kittybooboo how scary,
 Te Awanui just stood there taking selfies and Mya looked at Mr Kittybooboo weirdly . As we heard police making their way to us  Mr Kittybooboo and his army of cyclops escaped with a blink of  an eye. 

By: Mya

Jake the Robber

                   Jake the Robber by James Corker

It was quiet, to quiet that could only mean that all the shops have been 
robbed But by who??? Jake!!! Me (James) Jon and Nicolas are going to save the day and stop this robber once and for all.

 First we need to put our costumes on. Mine is a flash costume with “JamCores” written all over it.  Nic’s costume is a Beatle suit. Jon’s costume is Super Man. First of all I decided to go to Countdown.

Where they had good surveillance/security cameras. Jon found out where the office is, Nic rang the boss to ask what the password is. He said he can’t come to the store right now but I am going to give you the password because you will save the store. “Thanks” said James. The Boss said that the password is YourMom, it worked but it said there is another password. The “Backup” password, I had a few guesses and got it right 2nd Time BOOM! It showed in the footage that Jake stole all the money, all the valuables, alcohol and smokes. Jon said “I didn’t know that he smoked!!” After we went to the police and showed them the clip the police looked at his records and it said “that he is allergic to eggs” Nic said maybe that’s how we can take him out.

 We ran down the road to Pak’n’Save and saw him smoking on the edge of the road He saw us and ran away THE CHASE IS ON we chased him for a while now. I told Nic to go to the shop and find a fresh egg. We baited Jake into dead end and Jon threw an egg at him. We called the police and got rewarded $1000. Thanks to Nicolas Jon & JamesStory by James

Thursday, 20 August 2015


In the land of apes Alex made apple pie for Awa and Asha. Alex moved from Australia to the land of apes with a ancient astronaut suit. Asha and Awa adopted a active anaconda that lives in an aquarium.Alex and Awa went to Austria in a aeroplane and Asha stayed in the land of apes.

By Murphy Phillips

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

In The Land Of 'P'

In the land of 'P'
In the land of 'p' there are pandas, puma, panthers and parrots that are pink.
Pieter, Paige and the parrot were playing pack-man then they ate pineapple, pears, pickles and pumpkin also with pitch perfect girls, while pirates steel my pet parrot and puffer jacket then Pieter  and I went to Paris and we had to pay to go to Paris  so we went back to the land of 'p' and that's the place I stay. 


                                                                   In the land of 'p'
In the land of 'p' there lives Pieter, Paige and a parrot,
they love to eat pavlova, pasta, peas, popcorn, pizza and pies with my poppa.
We play pirates with a prawn for a hook and we look at photos, pictures, pic collage.
Pitch perfect comes along to the land of 'p'.
           By Paige room 17.

In the land of J

Jon,James,Jordan,Jayden Jumping on jets eating Jellybeans. James Plays with jets drinking juice wearing a jacket. Jayden plays Jessie J while juggling Jellybeans. Jon drive  jeeps wearing Jandles. Jordan join the jelly party wearing a jaguar Jersey doing jump jam. Jai jumps jets in Jamaica. Jade does jigsaws listening to jazz with joy. Jamiee chases Jaguars on Jupiter. Jake eats Jam with Jemma chasing jellyfish with jacko-lanterns

By Jon

The land of H 
In the land of H there are ...
Huge haba baba clouds that Holly and her pet hippos jump on every day 
Hippy hairstyles are a huge fashion in H land .
Holly and her people love H land but they don't like the huge Hensen's because they are controlled by 
Huge Hugo .
But Holly knows that one day she will kill them or in other words hip hop them to the ground .
By Holly 
Room 17

The magnificent M poem

In the land of m there are mini marshmallow minions,Many of the mini marshmallow minion's make mussels and ma rang.The mini minion's monkey lives in Mexico with Miley cyrus,Mickey mouse rides Murphy's mean  motorbike while listening to Michael Jackson's music.The minion's meet a Maori who lives on a Marae and eats McDonald's, macaroni and marmalade. The minion's went to the movies and watched mine craft with their monkey from Mexico.

By: Mya room 17


 In the land of M Maleficent munched on  marshmallows with mushroom mustard on the moon. Maleficent minion moped my muddy mansion on Monday when a monkey moved from mexico with a man Max Maroon. Max made macaroni with muesli in the middle while the monkey played with the moonfish in the murky water.Max and Maleficent got married in march and were now Mr Maroon and Mrs Maroon. They lived happily in the land of M.

By Murphy Phillips

The Jolly land of J

In the land of J
Jaguars eat jelly and jam
We have Jumbo Jokers juggling jets
Jamaicans go to Japan
Jack-o-lanterns wear jeans
Jerry jumps on a jelly trampoline
Meanwhile on Jupiter
There are many joyful Jazz clubs
We only use Joveys
We sell Jeans and jandals
Jewels are how we pay for things
McJagger is our Judge
We all like to eat Jaffers
And joking we love
And that is what happens on Jupiter

By Jade

Thursday, 13 August 2015


Sports is my Middle Name

Charlotte is my name
I love to play with a ball
soccer is my game
but sometimes I fall
I'm quite slow to run
Some people get fame
but it's really really fun
some people get shame
I nearly scored a goal
some people are fast
but it hit the pole
some unlucky people have a cast
some people are slow
some people go woe

by Charlotte

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

My Fantasy

I'm lucky to have a little minion
And I also found a pet bear
But he has a really big opinion
He also has the messiest hair

I have a brave handsome knight
I have a cuddly blue pet dragon
His armour is shiny and bright
He pushes the old Broken down wagon

I'm lucky to have lots of gold
Now I am extremely rich
That the old little man sold
Which he stole from the ugly witch

I'm smiling in my castle because I'm a princess
With all my gold I have had great success 

By Murphy Phillips

Jades fantasy

In my fantasy I have a dragon
I love my pet unicorn
I like to push my dragon in a wagon
My unicorn likes fresh corn

My friend Dave is a minion
I have 1000 cakes
Dave has heaps of opinions
The cakes are made of steaks

I have a friend witch
I have a dinosaur
She is very rich
He likes to ROAR and ROAR!

At my castle I have a knight
He only fights at night

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

WW1 Trench Reconstruction

Friday the 24 of April in 2015. We made a repilca trench from WW1 trench to see what it will look like in a ww1 trench.

how to make a repilca WW1 trench you need a
spade,buckets,sand,sandbags, wood,bamboo, camo net, sacks and rope that represent barb wire. Room17 was split into squads. Our squad sergant was James and my members were Gabriel, haylee and charlotte and some room 20 people. we did this in the senoir sandpit at WPS. so we filled the sandbags then we started diging the trench  then we got some bamboo sticks then we got small parts of rope then we got the camo net.

we showed it to classrooms and they had a look around our WW1 trench and lot of people liked it. i would not like going in a WW1 trench beacause it will be hard diging on dirt . this was a fun day.
                              BY Nicolas  

Trench Building

Friday 24 april 2015 w.p.s  room 17 were making a trench to see what a trench would look like in WW1.We built it in the sand pit so it would be easy to dig out the sand.We were put into squads
with about six people each squad.All the squads were part of room 17 platoon.

When we were put into squads our squad leader
was jon.Our squad chose to do the right side of
the sand pit. Each squad were filling the sacks
while the yr6 boys went to go get wood near room
23.We stacked the sand bags and dug a long trench around the sand pit

The yr5 boys went to go get bambo to cover the trench. we dug the holes with padda tennis bats shovels and spades .We used a rope to ty the bambo to a pole.We got a camo net and
put it over the bambo.We had a awesome time making this trench but  I would hate fight in one
at WW1                      
                                                                                      From Ty
WW1 Trench building

On the 24th April 2015 room 17 built a trench at 11:00 to 12:40 to recreate a WW1 trench replica to get a clear picture to know how it felt like at war in the senior sandpit.

we were in some squads Mya was my squad sergeant Charles,Neve,Brock,Jayden and Harlen were in the squad.To build it we used sand bags,padda tennis bats,sand,bamboo,wood camo net and ropes.then we started digging the sand up and then we built it.The trench in real life was 3-metres.Deep our trench was one metre deep.

the trench was so cool but wouldn’t be in real life.We let kids like juniors,seniors and middles in it,they respected it.Building it we used good teamwork together.The trench was very like real war.

The trench took all middle block to build it.It was like having gun fire all around them.

It was fun and sad

By Neve     

Trench Building
On friday 24th of april 2015 room 17 built a trench from 11.00 to 12.40. We built a WW1 trench to see what it would feel like in a trench.
The class got split into squads and each squad had a leader which was called a sergeant. My sergeant was Jordan and in my squad was Holly,Paige,Tony and Tawera.
As a team Mr Hensen put us in a spot in the sandpit and thats where we worked.We used padda tennis bats as spades we also used the camo net,bamboo,buckets and rope as barbwire.
We filled the sandbags then placed them on the wall.Then we put up bamboo sticks and layed the wood on the bottom and put on the camo net.
But in the end it was really cool and i liked working in teams and it was allot of hard work.

By Te Awanui
Friday 24 april 2015 w.p.s  room 17 were making a trench to see what a trench would look like in WW1.We built it in the sand pit so it would be easy to dig out the sand.We were put into squads
with about six people each squad.All the squads were part of room 17 platoon.

When we were put into squads our squad leader
was jon.Our squad chose to do the right side of
the sand pit. Each squad were filling the sacks
while the yr6 boys went to go get wood near room
23.We stacked the sand bags and dug a long trench around the sand pit

The yr5 boys went to go get bambo to cover the trench. we dug the holes with padda tennis bats shovels and spades .We used a rope to ty the bambo to a pole.We got a camo net and
put it over the bambo.We had a awesome time making this trench but  I would hate fight in one
at WW1                      
                                                                                      From Ty

Monday, 11 May 2015

The mystery car thief

Two weekends ago my dad's car got stolen .The people that tried to steal my dad's car also tried to steal my nan's car. My dad woke up to go pick up my mum and they must have ran away .We would have seen where they were hiding but we didn't see them in the bush.Within the time dad and I went up Tikipunga hill and came back, his car was gone . 

He had his whole supply of work gear in the car including all his master keys to all his businesses. Later on in the week my dad's car was found in a high speed police chase in Auckland, the car had to be road spiked and the engine caught on fire but all of his gear was taken out of the car .

My dad was disappointed about the car but he was mostly disappointed about all his gear. Now he has to buy a new $2000 airless spray unit and a whole supply of gear.He is still not allowed to see his car until the police are finished with the car .
                       By Kylah McCallum.

Trench Building

                        Trench Building

On Friday 24th April at Whangarei Primary School room 17 made  World War 1 trench from 11.00-12.40  (middle block). We did it so that the children would know what a trench felt like. We were put into squads and had a squad leader.

We used sacks and put sand into them using spades,paddatenis bats and buckets. We had 3 people on 1 sack 2 were filling and 1 was holding the sack and put into  the wall. Our trench wasn't as hard as the trench’s in the war. In the war the have to dig up stone,soil,dirt and hard clay while guns are being fired.

When we were finished we left it out for 2 weeks and then we will take it down. Then we will be making stretchers with bamboo and the sacks and will be carrying people across the field. The sand can stop bullets but not a bayonet and trench’s were only in World War 1 not WW2.

                                           By Jon
                                Room 17

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Room 17's cool World War 1 TRENCHES


                                                World War 1 TRENCH

On the 24 of April 2015 Friday 11:00AM  to 12:40PM at Whangarei Primary School, Room17 and 4 kids from Room 20 made a WW1 trench.
Mr Hensen asked us to get some sacks from home.We needed  to have sand, sacks, a camo net, spades and good behaviour.

Jordan was our squad leader our squad was Jordan, Holly, Tony,Mana, Paige and me. Jordan was digging. I was holding 2 sacks. Holly was digging Paige was holding the sacks too ,and Mana was digging.
There were five squad teams.

The year 5 boys went to get the bamboo, the year 6 boys went to get the wood for the trench. It felt good working as a platoon to complete our trench.
It would have been scary during the war watching your friends dying  with all the bullets flying around .   

By Tawera

Friday, 1 May 2015

Trench Building

On Friday 24th April 2015, 11.00 through to 12.40 Room 17 and some people from room 20 built a replica of a WW1 trench. In the Whangarei Primary senior sandpit to have a feeling of what it would be like in WW1.

We used sacks, padda tennis bats, shovels, wood, bamboo, rope, buckets and a camo net to build the trench.Mr Hensen put us into squads and each squad has a squad leader called a sargeant. Our trench was nowhere as bad as the WW1 trenches because their were spiders, lice, maggots, flies and rats as big as cats.

In their war a lot of people died because of depression called shell shock, diseases, Injuries, starvation and suicide. I had a great time building the trench.

Lest we forget

By Charles


Trench building

On Friday 24th April  Room 17 created a replica WW1 Trench,from 11 am to 12 pm.  Mr Hensen put the class in to Squads and we had squad leaders.

Why did Room 17 make a W.W.1  trench?   So we would know what it would  feel like in a  W.W.1  trench. There were 5 squads and my squad leader was Asha. Her squad was Nia, Jade, Liam, and myself.  

We were  in the  seniors sandpit. While we were  there  we got instructions then we could start making  our  trench.

Room  17 made  it was with paddatennis bats which we used as spades. We had some metal  spades, sacks  to put the sand into and we had wood to put on the bottom of the sand pit. We also used  bamboo as roof framing to put  the camo net over the trench which we tied with  rope.  

Lest we forget.                                                

                                                    BY Cruize
                     Room 17's Trench

   Last week on Friday the 24th of April room 17 and a bit of room 20 built a WW1 trench.( starting at 11:00 through till 12:40) We were building a WW1 trench to see what a trench would look like up close. First we brought in sand bags or sacks. Some people brought their spades and buckets. Later we had some people from room 20 come over to our class because their class was going down to see the crosses.

 So we moved on over to the senior sandpit. We had been put into squads. My sergeant was Asha. We had to go to the left side of the sandpit. Mr Hensen gave us 10 sacks and a tennis ball bat each to dig. So we dug and we dug until we got to the bottom of the sandpit. All the sand we dug out we used in the sand bags we had. We placed the full sand bags on the edge at the front of the sandpit.

 Once we completed the sand bags the year 6 boys went to get some wood to lay at the bottom of the sandpit. Then the year 5 boys went to get some bamboo to hold up the camo net. We had to use some thick rope to hold the bamboo in place. Once we put the camo net on we used the scratchy rope as barbwire. We used 2 pieces of rope in the front of the sand bags. Once we completed tying the ropes we all hopped in the trench and got our photo taken. After that some people came out and showed other classes. I thought it was so cool!:)

By Jade Walker

Trench of Awesomeness

On Friday the 24th of April 2015 at Whangarei primary school time 11:00 am room 17 wanted to recreate a WW1 trench. With spades to dig up sand and put it in the sand bags. Then we would fold it up and put it on the edge of the senior sandpit. In WW1 the trenches were used to protect the soldiers from bullets. It was hard work but that was just sand. Soldiers had to dig in the dirt that would of been harder. 

We dug up in squads about  5-7 people our leader sergeant James he was okay. Our trench had bamboo tied to the poles then the camo net over it. In our group there was a sergeant James and Nicolas Haylee me  and charlotte were squad members.

Trenches in the war would have been harder and stronger. Soldier would have to eat and sleep there. Soldier were to scared to sleep because the death there was. Rats the size of cats 

I'm glad I'm not at war.
-Gabriel  Stolz 

WW1 Trench

World War 1 Trench
On 24th April 11-00 - 12-00 2015 Room 17 from Whangarei Primary School were making a World War 1 trench.
We had a sergeant leader with five or six people in a squad my squad leader was Jordan.
We used sandbags, sand from the senior sand -pit .We also used wood planks, bamboo,sacks,rope and our teachers camo net.

The World War 1 ( Whangarei Primary School version ) trench was about half a meter deep. We built the WW1 trench so we would know what it would look like and so we could imagine what the soldiers would feel like in the trenches.

Lest We Forget.
By Paige Nicholas.


 WW1 Trench
On the 24 April 2015 Room 17 from Whangarei Primary School decided to build a WW1 trench,to respect the Soldiers that went to war.
Materials we used were a camo net,sand, sacks, sandbags,rope as barb wire,bamboo and wood. Before we left the room Mr Hensen put us into squads and my squad leader was Mya.
First we dug up the soft sand until we got to the hard clay then we put wood on top of the clay.Then we put that soft sand into the sacks which we used as sandbags. Year fives got bamboo for holding the camo net up and the rope was supposed to be barbwire.When we completed it the trench was
then we got classes to look at the WW1 trench that we recreated. They thought it was AMAZING too.
By Harlen
Trench  Building

On Friday 24 of April 2015 room 17 started to build a trench at 11.00 they built a trench because it was a replica of a ww1 trench .
They completed the trench around about 12 40 it was a great demonstration of team work by room 17 .
Room 17 were put into squads and had a squad sergeant  my sergeant was Jordan  the squads had to full around about fifteen sands bags each .
They built a trench at whangarei primary school in the senior sand pit .
They used different materials such as sand bags patter tennis bats for spades wood bamboo camo net and buckets.
Over all it was a fun day a day of hard work fun and most of all team work .

By Holly Hilton Jones
Room 17

Room 17’s Trench.

On Friday 24 April 2015,Room 17 and a bit of Room 20 wanted to build a W.W.1 Trench between the time of 11:00 - 12:00.The purpose of building the Trench was so that we knew what it felt like in W.W.1.

Before we started building the trench Mr.Hensen put us into squads.Every group had a squad sergeant,I was the squad sergeant of my squad.

My group started off with two buckets,six padda tennis bats and fifteen sacks.we used the padda tennis bats to fill either the sacks or buckets.When Tawera and Paige were holding two sacks between themselves.We were either filling one sack with the buckets or filling a sack with the padda tennis bats.We built the trench in the senior sandpit at W.P.S.

The materials that we used were padda tennis bats,buckets,shovels,wood,bamboo and the camo net.

When we completed the trench we invited other classes to view our recreation of a WW1 trench.

If we were actually at war while getting shot at,I would not like to do that.In the trenches there were huge rats the size of cats.But anyway building that trench was Awesome.
By Jordan  

Trench Building


On Friday the 24th of April 2015 Whangarei Primary school Room 17
recreated a Trench of World War 1 in W.P.S senior sandpit
to see what it was like in a trench in the World War 1.

A trench was used to protect soldiers from enemy gunfire
during World War 1. Room 17 built the trench in the senior sandpit.
We were split into “Squads”. There was one squad sergeant and
each squad had about 4-7 children in it. The Sergeant was to make sure that
the squad members did the right thing and worked as a team.
Our squad members were Gabriel,Nicolas,Haylee and Charlotte.
The squad sergeant was me.

One of the squad members went and got some sacks, they
worked out that they would all get 2 sacks each.
We all filled 1 sack at a time, 3 squad members fulling the sack and 1 holding it .
Then we put the sandbags on the edge of the sandpit .
We didn’t fill the sacks right up otherwise they would get way too heavy.

After we made about 3 rows of sacks on the edge of the wood we started
to dig out the trench by the sandbags in the sandpit. We dug till we got
all the way to the black mat. Then the year 6 boys got wood to lay out
on the black mat for something for us to sit on and stand on.
Also the Year 5 boys got bamboo and we used that to tie up a camo net
over the trench.

When we were completed we had a very realistic World War 1 trench.
I wouldn’t like to be part of the war living in trenches with dead bodies,
Rats the size as cats, fleas and lice.

Lest we Forget

                                                                              -James Corker