Friday, 27 February 2015


My Highlight for camp
Was getting to see a
Stingray when 
Snorkeling in the marine reserve.
And getting up Mount Manaia
then seeing the awesome 

By Jayden

Water Fun!!

My highlight of camp was going snorkeling for the first time and seeing two giant stingrays by the Meat Work Ruins named Raymond and Raelene.   

By Asha

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Camps the Best

The highlight of camp for me was some of the water activities like kayaking,swimming and exploring but my favorite part was the Reotahi  Marine Reserve seeing the different fish.                                               

Nia Williams

The highlight of my awesome camp

The  highlight of the camp for me was

doing spotlight it was fun and I can not

wait until next year.

By Drew

Cool, awesome Talent Show and Snorkeling

The highlight of camp was snorkeling and seeing a Goatfish  and tiny little fish,  then seeing if I could grab one. The following day we had a talent
 show. I did a mean haka with my haka group.

         By Cruz
                           Talent show and Snorkelin

The Best days at Camp.

The  highlight of camp for me was going kayaking and playing with all my friends and building a sand pool with my friend Paige.        I also liked going to Smugglers Cove and swimming and seeing all the amazing fish. 
By Haylee.

Smugglers Cove



Tony with Dinner

Amazing Mt Manaia

The highlight of camp for me was making it to the top of Mt Manaia and doing giant bombs off the Kayaks. By Murphy Phillips

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

My First Camp

I liked most the last evening when we were playing the game restaurant. I also liked walking up Mt Manaia and looking down to the small boats and cars! It was really fantastic !!!!
The food was really yummy!!!! Every thing was great!!!
It was a really good and special camp!!!!!

          Laura Wacker

Crazy Cool kayaking

The highlight of camp for me  was going kayaking ,doing GIANT  bombs and seeing all the tiny fish swimming through the seaweed .It was the best camp ever.

By Kylah.M

The Best Week Of My Life

                                 The Best Week Of My Life

Going to the Mt Manaia was the first thing we did. We were all moaning and groaning. When we got back we were all happy. The dinners were yum, we had burgers the first night, nachos the second night and then we had the most delicious roast chicken dinner 
ever. We had breakfasts in our sleeping bags in the hall.We watched movies on the roof. Thanks Mr Hensen and Mrs Gunson for the best experience of my kid life.

Talent Quest

Mt Manaia Gun Turrets

best camp ever

                              Best Camp Ever

My highlights at camp was climbing up Mount Manaia. There were thousands of stairs, but we did it.It was AMAZING. I also liked fishing, we saw 3 Kingfish chasing Grey mullet. It was the best camp ever.

This is me fishing off the rocks.
By Harlen

The Best Days Of Camp :

The highlight of my camp was going kayaking for the first time it was so funny because I fell off the kayak so many times. Another highlight was having a great meal every night at camp,the last night was awesome because we had a talent show. Tony, Billy D, Liam and myself put live crabs in our mouths

By Charles

Amazing Manaia views

The highlight of my camp was for me to say that I have climbed the Mighty Mount Manaia. Seeing the amazing views and how cool the water looked. That camp was the best camp of my 
life . by Holly

Awesome Smugglers Cove


The highlight of camp for me was walking to Smugglers Cove with my mum and going swimming with all my friends.By Te Awanui

Highlights Of The Best Camp EVER!

The highlight of camp for me was...Burgers/Nachos/sausages and  delicious chicken drumsticks also being at Taurikura Beach for four days. Also going Kayaking in the deep water watch out for the Scary Sharks, Chomp UGHHHH...Not that scary we had Life Jackets, we did Awesome Bombs off our Kayaks and Swapped kayaks, It was tricky but we got it done. Also seeing the Gun turrets with scary Monsters.If you ever go camping with Mr Hensen, watch out for the SCARY MONSTERS BWAHAHHAHAHAHA.. By James Corker. 

The Best Camp of my Life

The highlight of the camp for me was doing an act in the talent show and watching everyone else.:) Another highlight was finally getting to the top of Mount Manaia. It was so awesome up there! Camp was so much fun I can't wait until next year. By Jade

The mighty Mount Manaia

The highlights of camp for me were walking up Mount Manaia and seeing the beautiful view when I got to the top. I also enjoyed snorkeling and seeing different kinds of fish. By Mya