Thursday, 20 August 2015


In the land of apes Alex made apple pie for Awa and Asha. Alex moved from Australia to the land of apes with a ancient astronaut suit. Asha and Awa adopted a active anaconda that lives in an aquarium.Alex and Awa went to Austria in a aeroplane and Asha stayed in the land of apes.

By Murphy Phillips

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

In The Land Of 'P'

In the land of 'P'
In the land of 'p' there are pandas, puma, panthers and parrots that are pink.
Pieter, Paige and the parrot were playing pack-man then they ate pineapple, pears, pickles and pumpkin also with pitch perfect girls, while pirates steel my pet parrot and puffer jacket then Pieter  and I went to Paris and we had to pay to go to Paris  so we went back to the land of 'p' and that's the place I stay. 


                                                                   In the land of 'p'
In the land of 'p' there lives Pieter, Paige and a parrot,
they love to eat pavlova, pasta, peas, popcorn, pizza and pies with my poppa.
We play pirates with a prawn for a hook and we look at photos, pictures, pic collage.
Pitch perfect comes along to the land of 'p'.
           By Paige room 17.

In the land of J

Jon,James,Jordan,Jayden Jumping on jets eating Jellybeans. James Plays with jets drinking juice wearing a jacket. Jayden plays Jessie J while juggling Jellybeans. Jon drive  jeeps wearing Jandles. Jordan join the jelly party wearing a jaguar Jersey doing jump jam. Jai jumps jets in Jamaica. Jade does jigsaws listening to jazz with joy. Jamiee chases Jaguars on Jupiter. Jake eats Jam with Jemma chasing jellyfish with jacko-lanterns

By Jon

The land of H 
In the land of H there are ...
Huge haba baba clouds that Holly and her pet hippos jump on every day 
Hippy hairstyles are a huge fashion in H land .
Holly and her people love H land but they don't like the huge Hensen's because they are controlled by 
Huge Hugo .
But Holly knows that one day she will kill them or in other words hip hop them to the ground .
By Holly 
Room 17

The magnificent M poem

In the land of m there are mini marshmallow minions,Many of the mini marshmallow minion's make mussels and ma rang.The mini minion's monkey lives in Mexico with Miley cyrus,Mickey mouse rides Murphy's mean  motorbike while listening to Michael Jackson's music.The minion's meet a Maori who lives on a Marae and eats McDonald's, macaroni and marmalade. The minion's went to the movies and watched mine craft with their monkey from Mexico.

By: Mya room 17


 In the land of M Maleficent munched on  marshmallows with mushroom mustard on the moon. Maleficent minion moped my muddy mansion on Monday when a monkey moved from mexico with a man Max Maroon. Max made macaroni with muesli in the middle while the monkey played with the moonfish in the murky water.Max and Maleficent got married in march and were now Mr Maroon and Mrs Maroon. They lived happily in the land of M.

By Murphy Phillips

The Jolly land of J

In the land of J
Jaguars eat jelly and jam
We have Jumbo Jokers juggling jets
Jamaicans go to Japan
Jack-o-lanterns wear jeans
Jerry jumps on a jelly trampoline
Meanwhile on Jupiter
There are many joyful Jazz clubs
We only use Joveys
We sell Jeans and jandals
Jewels are how we pay for things
McJagger is our Judge
We all like to eat Jaffers
And joking we love
And that is what happens on Jupiter

By Jade

Thursday, 13 August 2015


Sports is my Middle Name

Charlotte is my name
I love to play with a ball
soccer is my game
but sometimes I fall
I'm quite slow to run
Some people get fame
but it's really really fun
some people get shame
I nearly scored a goal
some people are fast
but it hit the pole
some unlucky people have a cast
some people are slow
some people go woe

by Charlotte

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

My Fantasy

I'm lucky to have a little minion
And I also found a pet bear
But he has a really big opinion
He also has the messiest hair

I have a brave handsome knight
I have a cuddly blue pet dragon
His armour is shiny and bright
He pushes the old Broken down wagon

I'm lucky to have lots of gold
Now I am extremely rich
That the old little man sold
Which he stole from the ugly witch

I'm smiling in my castle because I'm a princess
With all my gold I have had great success 

By Murphy Phillips

Jades fantasy

In my fantasy I have a dragon
I love my pet unicorn
I like to push my dragon in a wagon
My unicorn likes fresh corn

My friend Dave is a minion
I have 1000 cakes
Dave has heaps of opinions
The cakes are made of steaks

I have a friend witch
I have a dinosaur
She is very rich
He likes to ROAR and ROAR!

At my castle I have a knight
He only fights at night