Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Evil Doctor Ruffens

It was quiet too quiet that could only mean one thing... Everybody was frozen in time except for Charlotte and Jade. Doctor Ruffens had been here with his time attack gun.

Everyone was still all you could hear was Charlotte and Jade sniffing, they had just walked in the door and everyone was still. They knew who had done it , at the same time they both said "The Evil Doctor Ruffens" They both knew what they had to do.

Charlotte and Jade were waiting outside Doctor Ruffens office with a mad face. Doctor Ruffens opened the door and said "come in little girls" with a evil grin on his face. He had a yellow goaty, brown dread locks and pointy nose.

His office had pictures of him with a weird looking pet and it smelt like something died.Doctor Ruffens had gone into a door which said do not enter. Charlotte and Jade sneaked through the door without him knowing.

Charlotte and Jade's mouth's were open wide and dribble was coming out, it was Doctor Ruffens evil lab. It was filled with different kind of poison and guns. Then they found the guns, the time attack guns. Charlotte sneaked around to get the gun.

Doctor Ruffens was walking up a set of stairs When Charlotte tripped up and Doctor Ruffens yelled out minions assemble, Charlotte and Jade were freaking out they were pointing the gun at Doctor Ruffens, Charlotte said "if you move I will shoot" Doctor Ruffens bent down to jump when BANG doctor Ruffens was frozen in the air. Charlotte and Jade hurried out and unfroze everybody else.

By Murphy Phillips


  1. Nice Story Murph why didn't you put yourself in there.

  2. One Question,
    Since when did they get better at stories from last year? Haha
    By the way It's Trinity :)

  3. Great work Murphy. Thats an awesome story
    Jade and Te Awanui

  4. really good story Murphy . i really liked it
    from Holly .