Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Jake the Robber

                   Jake the Robber by James Corker

It was quiet, to quiet that could only mean that all the shops have been 
robbed But by who??? Jake!!! Me (James) Jon and Nicolas are going to save the day and stop this robber once and for all.

 First we need to put our costumes on. Mine is a flash costume with “JamCores” written all over it.  Nic’s costume is a Beatle suit. Jon’s costume is Super Man. First of all I decided to go to Countdown.

Where they had good surveillance/security cameras. Jon found out where the office is, Nic rang the boss to ask what the password is. He said he can’t come to the store right now but I am going to give you the password because you will save the store. “Thanks” said James. The Boss said that the password is YourMom, it worked but it said there is another password. The “Backup” password, I had a few guesses and got it right 2nd Time BOOM! It showed in the footage that Jake stole all the money, all the valuables, alcohol and smokes. Jon said “I didn’t know that he smoked!!” After we went to the police and showed them the clip the police looked at his records and it said “that he is allergic to eggs” Nic said maybe that’s how we can take him out.

 We ran down the road to Pak’n’Save and saw him smoking on the edge of the road He saw us and ran away THE CHASE IS ON we chased him for a while now. I told Nic to go to the shop and find a fresh egg. We baited Jake into dead end and Jon threw an egg at him. We called the police and got rewarded $1000. Thanks to Nicolas Jon & JamesStory by James


  1. It was fun writing this narrative :D

  2. Really cool story
    from Holly