Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Room 17 2015

ROOM 17 2015

 Room 17  this year have done a lot of things, like building a trench for Anzac day and using stretcher bearers. At camp Room 17 and 18 climbed Mt. Manaia. At camp, Room 17 and 18 went kayaking and snorkelling at the marine reserve.  Room 17 also did a cool unit on electricity. Room 17 made broken fans work, DVD players and other interesting things.

This year our class also did Gala posters to promote/advertise our Gala and food Fair. Room 17 also made King Kai Hangi posters.  The senior syndicate have special jobs. In room 17 some people do Sports shed monitor, Library monitor and all sorts of other jobs. This year the senior syndicate took part in the Saint Francis challenge!Where you play all sorts of sports. Whoever gets the most points wins. Last year we won but unfortunately this year we lost.

This year was awesome in Room 17 and each year the class will become better.
-James Corker

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