Tuesday, 10 November 2015


This year room 17 did lots of cool things like production /turbo touch/st Francis challenge and more.

This is the best year ever.The BEST thing room 17 and 18 did is going to Taurikura beach camp . First room 17 and 18 did is climb mt Manaia . After we played a game where you had to find letters.
The second best thing was the rugby league tournament at Kamo high school . Whangarei primary's team was versing teams from all over whangarei. It was so fun. Then room 17 made posters for the school gala and food fair, the posters were all over town they looked cool. The last thing is electronics. Rm 17 powered up fans lights bells and more.

I think being a senior is the BEST

By Harlen

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