Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Room 17's awesome year

At the beginning of the year Room 17 went to camp Taurikura. The camp went for 4 days. Room 17 and 18 went diving, kayaking, swimming, played spotlight, stargazing, quizzes, team building activities and hiking. They were all amazing and fun. The classes hiked up mount Manaia and they saw many amazing views. The views included farms, beaches and homes.

Later on in the year Room 17 had to do research homework on sea animals. Many people did crayfish, kina, fish and others. People did it on posters or USB's.

A few weeks after that the school had a triathlon. In the year 5 girls race Charlotte came 1st, Jade came 2nd and Tiana came 3rd. The pool was very refreshing. The year 5 girls had to do 2 lengths in the pool, 4 laps on the bike and 2 laps running.

Another fun activity is the Choir. In the choir you can sing and dance. You sing in rest homes, Christmas in the park, at assemblies and in front of the school. You can learn songs like Uptown funk,  I see fire and many others. People learn to harmonise and the teachers use the piano for our warm ups. It's really fun.

You could have a job like library monitors, Jumpjam leaders and peer mediators. You need to make a CV to show Mr Hensen which job you want. Room 17 plays games like T-ball, line tiggy, silent ball and ball skills. Room 17 is one of the best classes in the school.

By Jade 
Room 17

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