Wednesday, 4 November 2015

School gala

On Friday the 30th of October Whangarei primary school had a gala. The gala started from 3:30 through till 7:30pm. There were many attractions like the Teacher Torture. It was super funny seeing the teachers get saturated. Another great attraction was the Haunted House. It was very scary because at the end there was a freaky video. The other attractions include ambulance rides, money golf, paintball, pony rides and more.

There was some delicious food at the gala like Hangi's, Hot dogs, Hot chips and Mussel fritters. The Hangi's were very YUM! The sweets were tasty as well. There was candy floss, baking, snow cones and many other yummy sweets. There was also food from different countries like Indian, South African, Aisan, Maori, Chinese, Mexican and America. There were also drinks like fizzy, slushies and water.

WPS had a Talent quest and the overall winner was Kanishka but there were many other brave people who participated. The Kapa Haka had a performance. They did 2 songs and the Haka. Whangarei primary school got the world record for Jumpjam. There were over 300 people doing Jumpjam. The school had raffles. There were buckets of food and many people won raffles.

The weather was bad but people stayed to enjoy the gala. WPS raised $12,231.78. Whangarei primary is going to use the money to buy new computers.

By Jade


  1. Nice Report Jade
    I think everyone went one the haunted house

  2. Nice Report Jade
    I think everyone went one in the haunted house